Airowear AirMesh Body Protector.
Available in Teens and Womens Sizes

The AirMesh is the most highly ventilated BETA 2018 Level 3 body protector in Airowear’s high performance line. The ventilation will help cool you cool whilst working hard on your riding.

The Airmesh Body Protector is made from an Ultraflex technology foam that moulds closer to the body than ever before. Historically Body Protectors have always flt quite bulky and cumbersome.  The Women’s AirMesh is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and safety.

A sporty mesh covering with chevron style lines allows for enhanced airflow across the rider’s torso and is available in black or grey. Gender-specific sizing in slim and regular allows for the best and most truly customised fit.

The Velcro straps allow for individual fitting adjust ability.  The shoulder Velcro allows us to adjust the length of the body protector while the two straps either side allow for individual fitting around the chest and the waist.


Ladies L3 Slim Reg, Ladies L3 Reg, Ladies L4 Reg, Teen T2 Reg, Teen T2 Slim Reg


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