Naf Off Deet Power Performance Refill 2.5ltr

They don’t call this product Power Performance for nothing. This is a powerful, long lasting effective protection against flies, horseflies and insect menace. Contains simply Deet for maximum effect. Deet has long been known to be an effective chemical against biting insects. We think  this really is a product that you only need to apply every 24 hours.

Don’t forget this is also available in a 750g Gel

How we suggest you use it: Holding the bottle 15 – 25 cm away from your horse spray evenly over the body onto either a dry or damp coat. Take care to avoid the eyes. If you have a horse that is frightened of spray’s? We suggest spraying directly onto a body brush or soft cloth and applying to the horse that way. Combine with the Gel for the hard to reach areas. Due to the nature of Deet, we suggest you apply a patch test to an area of your horse to test for sensitivity




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