GFS Simplicity Bridle including reins & two browbands

The GFS Simplicity bridle really is beautiful simple bridle. The GFS Simplicity  features a padded cavesson noseband that is slightly wider than the average noseband, this means the contact across the horses face is distributed over a slighty wider surface area making the noseband more comfortable than conventional caveson nosebands.

The bridle boasts an anatomically shaped headpiece with a comfort pad insert for maximum comfort for the horse avoiding the ears and distributing pressure evenly.

The GFS Simplicity bridle comes complete  with extremely soft and flexible rubber grip reins, this means this anatomical bridle is excellent value for money.

Last but by no means least the GFS Simplicity Bridle come with two browbands! One is plain and the other is a pretty crystal for when you want to add a bit of bling to your day!


pony black, cob black, full black




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