Haas diamond Wurzel body brush

A super quality body brush at a great price. Use this brush to finish off your horses coat. Brush your horse with a stiff brush or curry comb to lift the dirt and scurf to the surface. Then brush with the Haas Diamond Wurzel body brush to remove the dust and dirt from the coat. Following this process will ensure a clean shinny coat.

The waterproof and shatter resistant body of the brush is made of a black resin that integrates tiny gold sparkles. This will last longer than a traditional wooden backed brush.  There is a synthetic leather hand loop.

Modern technology production incorporates the bristles directly within the body of the brush to eliminate the use of nails, spikes, screws or glue, ensuring exceptional longevity and safety of horse and rider. Paired with the Diamond Gloss finishing brush, this stiff body brush will give your horse the lustrous shine he needs to stand out!


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