Hands on Glove Black, Medium Size

You will love these, no more getting cramp in your hands from holding brushes, twice as fast as you can go over the horse / dog with both hands. Brilliant for bonding with horse, A great replacement for the old fashioned curry comb. These gloves get deep into the coat, lifting dead skin and coat to the surface. Your Animals will love them.

This pair of Hands On grooming gloves are perfect for virtually all grooming activities. I have a pair at the yard for use on the horse and pair at home for grooming and bathing the dog!

They can be used both wet or dry! During the winter I’ve been using them to scrub dry mud of the horses, they are brilliant from scrubbing out dear hair when your horse is molting!  In the Summer they are a bath time essential.  You can use one on it’s own, or both at the same time, either way you will ensure grooming is a really pleasant experience for your animal and easy on your own hands too.

  • Hook and loop fastening
  • Outer: 100% nylon, shell: 100% PVC, nodules: 100% nitrile
  • Hand wash cold only
  • Medium: 17.78cm – 21.6cm (7″ – 8.5″)



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