Hestevard BozMerix Balancer 10kg

An equine balancer containing a maintenance rate of Hestevard BozMerix which aids the natural systems in a horse that control inflammation and assist in orthopaedic comfort.

Containing a maintenance level of Micro-encapsulated Curcumin and Boswellia Serrata and has soothing and relieving properties.

This is a pellet formula equine balancer. Each tub contains a 100g measuring cup.

Suitable for horses or ponies that are showing signs of stiffness, during periods or rehab, during intense training/competition or older in age.

Hestevard Signature Range BozMerix Balancer Maintenance Diet

A balancer with a feed element combined with BozMerix to support joints & the natural systems that control inflammation.

Reactive joint maintenance diet:

Balancer with a feed element based on a Soya Hulls, Linseed Expeller & Black Oats base
Provides a balanced level of over 30 Vitamins, minerals & Amino Acids (Chelated where required)
Includes Prebiotics & Probiotics to improve absorption
Low Starch (9%) and low Sugar (2.5%)
Contains 16% protein
Competition safe within the UK
Contains a maintenance rate of BozMerix (7.5g per 500g). additional BozMerix may be added during times of competition, intense training or particular joint stress.
This complex balancer is an excelllent choice as a maintenance diet to support a horse’s joint & muscular comfort and aids the natural systems that control inflammation.

A complementary feeding stuff for horses.

Instructions for proper use:
Feed 100g per 100kg of bodyweight, for example for a 500kg horse, feed 500g.

Split the total daily feed rate by the number of daily daily feeds.

Suitable for feeding with complementary forages.

CAUTION: Do not feed alongside other feed balancers.


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