Honey Chop Oat Straw

Honeychop’s Chopped Oat Straw is a really simple straight high fibre feed which is screened to remove small straw particles and dust extracted, a pure natural product with nothing added. It is made only from sun dried oat straw and we never use desiccants on our crops.

Perfect to mix with a low calorie balancer pellet or vitamin and mineral powder to slow eating and increase digestion.

If you want a chaff with no oil, no soya, no sugar etc. then Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw is the answer! 

Suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys with intolerance and those with or prone to laminitis. It is perfect for natives and ideal for overweight horses, ponies or donkeys, and those that maintain their weight easily.

Made using only oat straw from our selected assured farms, we can assure every bag is of a consistent high quality. The unique manufacturing process means that the oat straw is screened and cleaned to remove all small fine particles and dust, leaving only a clean, bright soft oat straw chaff for your horse or pony.


Honey Chop


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