NAF Safe Stable Hands
High Alcohol Content Cleansing Gel
125ml – rubs in super quick, leaves hands feeling soft and with a pleasant smell
This new product from NAF is a must have, not just for the yard but how about some for home too!

This handy 125ml bottle will slip perfectly into a pocket or handbag so it’s on hand to use when ever you want. Containing Isoproply Alcohol this gel will not only kill germs but it has a great smell too. We all need to be on top of hand hygiene and NAF Safe Stable Hands Cleansing Gel will go a long way to help with this. Simply apply a small amount onto your palm and then rub you hands together, making sure you get inbetween your fingers and before you know it your hands will feel dry, germ free and smell lovely too.

After application how about a treat for your hands with an application of NAF Stable Hands for a soft feel.


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