omega soya oil 25ltr

A superb conditioning supplement which also increases stamina

Soya oil is one of the most beneficial oils an owner can give their horse. It is rich in omega fatty acids three and six, as well as linoleic acid. All of these are closely associated with achieving outstanding condition. Omega Equine’s soya oil is 100% pure with no additions and will have your horse looking the picture of health.

Benefits of soya oil include:

  • The fatty acids within soya oil are well-known for promoting healthy skin and a fantastic, shiny coat
  • Soya oil is high in energy, yet this energy is released slowly. Alongside a regular fitness routine, this is known to increase stamina in all forms of activity
  • The calorie-dense nature of soya oil is linked with healthy weight gain, providing extra calories without adding bulk to the daily feed.

Omega Equine’s soya oil is pressed in the UK using high quality beans for a pure product. It needs to be introduced slowly to allow the digestive tract to adapt, but even the smallest amount makes a difference. It is a brilliant conditioning supplement and great way to provide a slow release of energy.

Available in 5 and 25 litre volumes.

Analytical constituent:

Crude Protein 0.01%
Fibre 0.01%
Fats & Oils 99.90%


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