Organic Layers Pellets

Organic Layers Pellets

Organic Layers Pellets is a complete layers feed with vitamins, minerals and omega 3 oils for good sized eggs and natural golden yolks. The organic layers pellets can be fed from 16 weeks  of age. Feed the pellets on an ad lib basis. It is often recommended to feed from a chicken feeder, so as to keep the feed dry and clean and stop from spoiling. We often like to scatter the feed on the ground for the chickens to encourage them to scratch.

  • Suitable from 16-18 weeks of age
  • With natural sources of vitamins and minerals including calcium for a nutritionally balanced diet
  • Contains a prebiotic to support a healthy digestive system
  • 2.5mm pellet size – suitable for bantamsComposition:
    Organic Wheat, Organic Field Beans, Organic Alfalfa, Calcium Carbonate, Organic Linseed Expeller, Organic Maize, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Yeast, Sea Salt, Seaweed• Soil Association approved organic P2517 GB-Org-005
    • 100% organically grown, agricultural ingredients
    • There are no synthetic vitamins or minerals in this feed.
    • The Organic Feed Company only source identity preserved (Hard IP) Non-GM ingredients.
    • The Organic Feed Company feeds are made from natural ingredients which can result in the feed changing colour slightly through the seasons.

    Establishment No: GB226 0005 UFAS 1


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