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The Equine Warehouse has been serving the Horsey folk of Lewes and the surrounding area for the last 13 years. In recent years there has been a change of location, to the newer more modern building on the Malling Industrial Estate. The new building boasts two floors of products. The Equine Warehouse prides its self on holding a good range of products that have been picked from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Along with some new and innovative products from local independent manufacturers.

If you have been into the store in the last couple of months you will have seen that we have had a big change around. We have moved the counter, rearranged our feed, built a storeroom, and most excitingly taken on an off-site warehouse for our feed and bedding storage. We now receive our internal feed deliveries each day ensuring we are topped up with all the feed and bedding our customers need.

Feed Store

A good strong understanding of a horses dietary and nutritional needs is essential in the daily care of your horse or pony. We don’t expect every owner to be able to understand the massive variety of horse feeds that are available, but we do make sure that our staff are kept up to date on the release of new products and the latest research supplied by our innovative and exciting feed manufactures.

We offer a free delivery service on all orders over £100. Orders can be made up of everything stocked in the shop, orders under £100 will incur a £5.00 surcharge. Please call or email us for additional details and days covering your local area. Both our vans are out on the local roads every day, if your stuck get in contact we can often accommodate an emergency delivery to help you out.

Please call us on 01273 483399

We are open Mon-Sat 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Our Address is: 7 Malling Industrial Estate, Brooks Road, Lewes BN7 2BY