New Loyalty Scheme

Join our Loyalty scheme to earn points and rewards as you spend. Points will turn into £'s to spend in store

New Loyalty Scheme

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Redeem or Return! February 2023 will see the old stamp cards come to an end. Last date for redeeming will be 28.02.2023

Do you have one, two or maybe even more of the old stamp cards nestled away in a wallet or purse? Now is the time to bring them into store. You should either redeem (see the card for terms and conditions) them or exchange them for points on our new loyalty app scheme.

New Loyalty Scheme has been launched. We are excited to say that our long awaited and very much updated Loyalty Scheme has successfully launched. In conjunction with the very popular Goodies app that is available to download to both Apple and Android smart phones.

Why sign up to our Loyalty Scheme?

Each time you spend in our shop you will collect points, these points over time will turn into £’s you can spend in store against any product.

There will be rewards and incentives detailed on the app.

The app will direct you straight to our website and Facebook page

The app will store all your receipts in one safe place.