A must have product for horses who are exposed to the sun for long periods of time

Sunburn Soother gives factor 25 protection and is a must for horses with sensitive skin. So kind it can be applied to soothe existing sunburn and help protect against further sunburn

It’s important that you give this product a really good shake before you use it. You can apply with cotton wool or a soft sponge, cloth. It’s quite runny, I wouldn’t recommend just using your hand. Apply evenly to all the areas that are prone to the effects of the sun. Include the face, ears and especially the nose not forgetting backs of pink/white heels.

It will absorb quickly into the skin.

Sunburn Soother can also be applied to areas that are already burned to help soothe and aid natural healing, but extreme care must be taken as the areas will be very sore. Avoid the eyes. Sunburn is a chemical reaction in the skin to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Exposure can lead to soreness, inflammation and tissue damage, especially in non-pigmented skin areas, such as, the backs of the heels, muzzle, eye areas including the eyelids and the mouth.

Most horses and ponies with large patches of pale, pink, white areas like skewbalds, piebalds, palaminos and albinos are all prone to burning and skin damage. Most of the body is protected Fly rugs and light sheets that offer UV protection. Always try as best you can to cover pale skin. Pale skin more susceptible to ‘squamous cell carcinoma’ one of the most common conditions known to be sun related.

Contains natural oils and minerals




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