Equimins Hoof Biotin 15 2kg


A supplement for healthy hoof growth, and to improve the condition of coat and skin. With Zinc, Methionine, Calcium and Copper. Did you know that Equimins Biotin 15 will last twice as long as another well known brand of Biotin because you feed half the amount to supply 15mg of Biotin per day. A clue to the name of our competitor referred to here? Their name starts with N! When fed at 2 measures per day (25g) a 1kg tub will last 40 days, a 2kg tub 80 days and a 3kg tub 120 days. If you use our competitors product you have to feed four measures per day (50g) to provide 15mg of biotin per day.


Equimins Biotin 15 Analysis


Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, MSM, Linseed Oil, Brewer’s Yeast.

Additives (per kg):


Per kg

Biotin (3a880)600 mg


Trace Elements

Per kg

Cupric Sulphate, Pentahydrate (E 4)600 mg
Zinc Oxide (E 6)2,700 mg


Amino Acids

Per kg

DL-Methionine (3c301)20,000 mg



Crude Oils & Fats3.2%
Crude Protein9.2%
Crude Fibre3.8%


<class=”bold”>Feeding recommendation:</class=”bold”>

  • Two level measures ( 25 g) added daily to the feed will provide 15 mg of biotin.

Store in a cool dry place at 10 -20 degrees C

Contains no banned substances under Jockey Club and FEI rules.




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