Removes stubborn stains with ease eliminates odours enhances the natural colour of the coat, mane and tail no rinsing and no residue perfect for cold weather and showground use also works well on dogs, cats and livestock.

Spray Easy-Out either directly on to the horse’s coat for tough stains and dirt, let sit a minute then rub off with a towel or spray onto a cloth or towel and rub directly on the horse’s coat. Rub against the hair to clean all the way to the skin. For manes and tails that are dirty or stained spray directly on to the hair until hair is wet especially in the case of tough staining on gray or light hair. Let the product sit for a minute or two, then carefully and gently use a towel to pull down the length of the hair to remove the stain.

It is simple to use too. Easy- Out has specially formulated optical brighteners that will enhance the normal color of the horse and add brilliant shine with no discoloring. Easy-Out is also safe to use under the saddle area and in hair to be braided as it contains no silicone even though it produces shine. It is an excellent product to remove deep dust or dirt from dark coats that can’t be brushed out.


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