Strip Hair Gentle Groomer

Betty’s best! Multi Purpose, Body, Coat & Skin Care

Use for Shine, Grooming, Bathing, Massage & Hair Shedding!

use at 45 degree angle for hair shedding

The Unique Diamond Shaping is great for soft cleaning. Removing dried mud and sweat with ease, and most important of all – GENTLY!

In Stock!!
The Gentle Grooming Edge applies even and gentle pressure to sweep away dirt.
Distributes the skin’s oils to produce a healthy natural shine!
The Soft Cleaning Diamonds effectively remove dried mud, sweat, stains, and tack marks.
Flexible to easily shape mould to the entire body.
Safe to use everywhere, including legs, face and also all delicate areas.
Blade-free ensures no risk of damage to the coat or skin. In fact, StripHair will improve the condition of both… dramatically!
Therapeutic benefits when used to massage will help to stimulate circulation and warm the muscles before work and aid in muscle recovery after work.
Emotional & Behavioural benefits are evident for the anxious or distrustful horse. The feeling of “gentle grooming” offers comfort and reassurance.
Material is a blend of natural tree rubber, orange and olive oils, and other proprietary ingredients to ensure optimum performance and lifelong durability. The “grippy” nature of this remarkable blend is “the magic”.
Sanitary due to the addition of anti-microbials to the material and the non-porous hair gentle groomer


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